Skilled Home Care Services

Avocare Health Services provides skilled nursing & rehabilitative services in the home ensuring transitions to home do not result in readmissions. Beyond traditional skilled home care, we monitor patient's admission, discharge and transfers daily.

Consultant Pharmacists

We have consultant pharmacists available for physician groups, health plans, ACOs, and other Value-Based organizations to manage medication risk and costs. We provide MTM, Medication Reconciliation, Adherence, high-risk medication monitoring and recommendations.

24 Hour Call Center

Our patients are connected to Avocare and their care providers 24 hours daily 365 days a year. We provide timely coordination and care collaboration as well as evidence-based clinical triage by an experienced Registered Nurse Triage Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. We provide on-demand evidence-based multimedia patient and family education via secure text, email and web.

CCM & RPM Services

We provide Chronic Care Management, Remote Physiological Monitoring, Transitional Care Management, and Remote Therapeutic Management for Providers. We use the most advanced cellular devices making it effortless and less problematic for senior patients.

Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

All Avocare clinical staff including case managers, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, therapists, social workers, personal care workers and homemakers are trained and experienced in Dementia and Alzheimer's disease care as well as person-centered care and planning.

Transitions of Care Services

We monitor all patient movements in and out of the emergency department and inpatient facilities to provide timely and effective Transitions of Care services and Emergency Department Diversion. We provide Transitions of Care Services Virtually or In-Person at home with an experienced and trained Registered Nurse. Avocare provides Community Transitions services.

Behavioral Health Integration

Avocare has behavioral professionals including licensed therapists, psychiatrists and behavioral specialists to provide virtual services and close gaps between community care providers. We ensure that behavioral health patients remain engaged in care.

Personal Care & Homemaker

We can provide personal care services and homemaker services with experienced, trained and caring staff. All staff are trained in Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Care. We ensure the patient and family make all care decisions through person-centered assessment and planning.

Payor Services

We provide care management services to payors including health plans, ACOs and other value-based organizations. We can assist with in-person and virtual outreach to engage members and families. We perform HRAs, Care Plans, PCAs, Complete LTSS applications including Level II assessments. We also provide in-person behavioral services and CHW outreach that is affordable.

We Help Patients

To Achieve Self-Management & Independence

All technology, data insight, experienced health care professionals, and community partnerships are leveraged to ensure that patients can thrive in their own home where they choose to live with freedom and dignity.

Avocare Advantage

Best Care Solution For Your


A care management solution for providers to improve patient outcomes; keeping patients connected to providers; and, keeping patients at home and out of the hospital.

CCM, RPM, BHI, TCM Delivered Virtually
Provided by Registered Nurse Teams
Behavioral Health Integration
Billing and Claims Provided
24 Hour, 7 Days Weekly Nurse Triage Call Center
Dementia & Alzheimer's Care and Support

Complete Solution for Care Management

For Your Practice

Zero Set Up Fee and Zero Equipment Cost to improve patient outcomes; improve patient follow-up and retention; and, improve practice revenue.

Skilled Home Care

Skilled Home Care Services including Registered Nurses, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Worker, and CHHAs.

Patient ADT Monitoring

We monitor all patients for ED and Inpatient admissions and discharges. We track throughout their stay and coordinate transitions of care home.

24 Hour Triage Call Center

We have a 24 hour Registered Nurse Triage Call Center available for patients delivering evidence-based clinical triage and coordinating after-hours services.

CCM & RPM Services

We deliver Chronic Care Management & Remote Physiological Monitoring to close gaps in care keeping patients engaged with their providers for a seamless health care delivery experience.

BHI Services

We use Behavioral Health Care professionals to coordinate and deliver behavioral services in conjunction with existing behavioral provides to prevent gaps and escalations in care.

TCM Services

Using our 24 hour ADT feeds, we can monitor patient's ED and Inpatient admissions to provide practices with ED diversion and alternative interventions capability.

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